AMD Catalyst mobility driver 12.1 WHQL Release | Bug Fix

AMD Catalyst
AMD Catalyst

AMD Catalyst baru saja me-release driver terbaru mereka, yaitu AMD Catalyst 12.1 WHQL, yang preview-nya sudah ada sejak bulan Desember 2011 kemarin. Pada preview-nya dapat disimpulkan bahwa versi ini dapat bekerja dengan optimal dan stabil, namun implementasi baru dari AMD yaitu assign profile untuk tiap games ala Nvidia masih belum sempurna, karena terdapat bug di mana tidak semua game dapat dijalankan. Untuk mengembalikan default setting-nya, gamers harus melakukan reset ke factory setting-nya dengan memilih pilihan “restore to factory default” untuk mengembalikan setting awalnya secara sempurna. mudah-mudahan saat driver WHQL di realease, masalah-masalah tersebut tidak gamers alami lagi.

Untuk Men-download silahkan cek link berikut :

Windows 64 bit

Windows 32 bit

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Release Note :

The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:

  • Any notebook launched after this driver release
  • Switchable Graphics enabled notebooks.
  • Toshiba® notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)
  • Sony® VAIO® notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)
  • Panasonic® notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks) 


    AMD HD3D technology support enhancement

    • Enables support for AMD HD3D technology in conjunction with AMD CrossFireX configurations
    • Delivers a new Stereo 3D mode over HDMI 1.4a connections – 1080p at 30Hz is now enabled on supported displays

     AMD Catalyst™ Control Center / Vision Engine Control Center enhancements – Application Profiles

    • AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 Preview driver enables users to create per application profiles to individually control 3D and CrossFireX settings for Direct3D applications
    • Please be sure to select the “Restore Factory Defaults” option under the Catalyst™ Control Center Preferences menu before using the new application profiles feature – this ensures there are no compatibility issues between previous drivers and the new AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 Preview driver with regards to application profiles

    AMD Catalyst™ Control Center / Vision Engine Control Center enhancements – Video UI improvements

    • AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 Preview driver includes user interface enhancements to simply adjustment of video color and video quality controls 


    Resolved Issues for the Windows® 7 Operating System

    • This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 software suite for Windows® 7. These include:
    • The in-game mouse cursor no longer randomly disappears while playing Alien vs Predator.
    • Enemy Territory – Quake Ware will no longer experience intermittent crashes when in a 3 monitor Eyefinity™ configuration.
    • Water texture is now rendered correctly in Enemy Territory – Quake Wars
    • Dirt 2 does not exhibit stuttering when run in DirectX® 9 mode.
    • Playing Crysis 2 with in Crossfire mode no longer experiences random graphics corruption or game instability.
    • Random corruption and screen flicker is no longer observed while playing Dragon Age 2 with Tri-Crossfire enabled.
    • Lost Planet 2 no longer crashes after game launch when run in Crossfire mode.
    • Lost Planet 2 and Tom Clancy HAWX2 no longer experience random game hangs/black screens when run at high in game settings.
    • Water textures in World of Warcraft running in DirectX® 9 mode no longer appear corrupted.
    • The game “Rage” no longer experiences intermittent hangs when Crossfire is enabled.

      Rolly Edward